10 Years of Wall of Sound

by David Gluzman

This is absolutely the BEST, you heard me: THE BEST Various artists release from a single label I’ve ever heard!

Since starting to review music here on R4NT, I’ve never been so excited to get my hands on a promo than this latest release from Wall of Sound. I’ve been lugging this 2cd compilation everywhere I’ve gone the past week or so, let it be in my car, at home in my stereo or working on the computer; I’ve had this album cranked.

Founded in 1993, Wall of Sound with Mark Jones at the helm, has spent the last ten years promoting cutting edge music across all genres, achieving commercial and critical success both at home and overseas, and launching the careers of artists as diverse as Royksoop, Blak Twang, The Bees, Les Rythmes Digitals, The Wise guys and Propellerheads. This album brings together Wall of Sound artists both old and new. This is a stunning compilation spanning over 2 hours of continuous play and a decade of music.

The first CD is a pleasant unmixed compilation of some of the best tracks from WOS key artists. Even if you’ve never heard of Wall of Sound before, I guaranty you’ll recognize at least one track off this CD, let it be from a movie, commercial or a rave. The really cool thing in this set is the fact that you are introduced to this amazing label and their incredible diversity in genres. You’ll also hear special appearances from Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Nik Kershaw, Neneh Cherry and others. But this is just the first disc, and really I’m all about buying this album strictly for the bonus CD alone (regardless that the first CD warrants the purchase alone).

By far my favorite group from WOS would be the Propellerheads, and the second CD is mixed by Alex Gifford! (who you guessed it, is part of the Propellerheads). Oh man, this set is mixed with absolute stunning timing and grace. The fact that Mr.Gifford is mixing different genres along with completely different BPM’s is super cool, not to mention the track selection is simply DOPE. Featuring some special club mixes from Groove Armada, X-Press, Roger Sanchez, Junior Cartier and even a new track from the Propellarheads themselves! This set has some beat, and extreme diversity spanning all the years of Wall of Sound. Astounding.

In total you get 36 tracks of amazing music which should please almost anyone. If you are a fan of great music that isn’t abused on the FM dial, or want to checkout some music from a rad independent label from the UK grab this album with utmost haste.

Disc 1:
– Take California – Propellerheads
– Eple – Royksopp
– Start The Commotion – The Wiseguys
– So Rotton – Blak Twang Feat. Jahmali
– What’s Going On? – Mekon Feat. Roxanne Shante
– The Hard Margin – The Creators Feat. Mos Def And Talib Kweli
– A Minha Menina – The Bees
– Trickshot – Ceasefire
– Maracana Madness – E-Klektik
– Red Tape – Agent Provocateur
– Gold Is Your Metal – Themroc
– Sometimes – Les Rythmes Digitales Feat. Nik Kershaw
– As You Do – Medicine
– Happiness – Shawn Lee
– It’s Automatic – Zoot Woman
– The Postman – The American Analog Set
– Sweet Child Of Mine – Akasha Feat. Neneh Cherry

Disc 2:
– Ten Years (Johnston’s Strut Part 1) – Propellerheads Feat. Livingroom Johnston
– Trixstar – Blak Twang Feat. Est’elle [Joni Rewind Remix]
– Happiness – Shawn Lee
– Crazy Baby – Akasha [Groove Armada’s Presque Celebre Mix]
– Jacques Your Baby (Make Me Sweat) – Les Rhythmes Digitales
– Number One – Eastwick And Hollway
– Remind Me – Royksopp [Ernest Saint Laurent’s Moonfish Mix]
– Into The Light – Themroc [West London Deep Remix]
– Wet Dreams – DJ Pierre [X-Press 2 Self-Abuse Mix]
– Whores Freaks Saints And Angels – Dirty Beatniks [Yellow Sox Dub Mix]
– It’s Automatic – Zoot Woman [Cosmos Vs. Zoot Woman Club Mix]
– Cowboy ’78 – The Wiseguys [Roger Sanchez’s Casa De Sanchez Mix]
– Maracana Madness – E-Klektik [Jon Carter’s Brazilian Dollar Man Mix]
– What’s Going On? – Mekon Feat. Roxanne Shante [Junior Cartier Remix]
– Women Beat Their Men – Junior Cartier [Ashley Beedle’s Dominatrix Club House Remix]
– Ouch! – Vinyl Dialect
– Agent Dan – Agent Provocateur [Propellerheads Remix]
– I Smile To My Eyes – Medicine [Themroc Mix]
– History Repeating – Propellerheads Feat. Miss Shirley Bassey [Ankle Length Mix]

  • 10 Years of Wall of Sound
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on October 1st, 2003
Various Artists
10 Years of Wall of Sound
Wall of Sound
September 23rd, 2003
10 / 10

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