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For those moments when music alone is not enough, Big Dada bring you the visual goodness. Three new videos from three very different artists in three very different locations should keep you going through this neverending winter situation. Feel the warmth…


The Rootical One plays the rakish Lord Manuva on a stately home vibe and gets challenged to a duel for his troubles. A host of famous character actors, a couple of young lovelies, flintlock pistols, the works innit? Stanley Kubrick eat ya heart out.

Roots Manuva – Too Cold
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Diplo flew out to Rio and shot this gritty, vibrant piece of verit? in the heart of the favelas, ably assisted by Pantera Os Dandinhos herself, the girl who provided the vocals for this version of the “Diplo Rhythm”. Raw and beautiful, the video is causing a stir back in Rio itself…

Diplo – Perc?o
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The LA native Busdriver flew to Toronto to shoot this live-action / animation hybrid with director Jason McFarlane, whose previous credits includes work for Badly Drawn Boy. The result is a funny, self-deprecating and quirky take on life as an “indie rapper” with Bus’ showing his Jimmy Stewart-style star potential.

Busdriver – Avantcore
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  • by Big Dada
  • Published on April 1st, 2005

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