Sept 8th 2003 (Monday)

by Haren

I love being outdoors, I love being outdoors in a storm. Did I ever get my fix for this month. (This is a long one… you may want to reconsider reading this… )

It was Friday evening and I was spending the night at a friend’s house down by the waterfront in Lions Bay. We spent most of the evening drawing sketches, watching cartoons, chatting, and so on and so forth. When we finally made it to bed, the hour had crept on to 2:30 AM, though of course, me being the insomniac, I laid there just thinking, staring at the distant clouds over Howe Sound for about a good hour-and-a-half before finally nodding off to sleep.

Eventually got up a few hours later and surveyed the surrounding terrain though my friends basement window… Spiffy day! Nice bright rays of sunshine darting their paths through various puffy cloud formations, boats and birds both passing slowly by through their respective elements. All in all, shaping up to be another nifty day in the busy “little world” of Howe Sound.

I left my buddy’s house at about 5:00 PM to return to my house… “Hey, where did this crazy fog come from? Hmmm… airs feelin’ awful heavy…”

“…Mental note to self, careful with this talking to ones self… … *cackles to self*”

Arrived home, said howdy to my sister’s cats, got some dinner, and flicked on my computer intending to get some work done. Nothing doing, computer decides to pack it in. “Oh well then, lets get some writing done.”

As I’m quietly twiddling away upstairs, I absentmindedly glance though the window up to Unnecessary Mountain (no joke, its actually called that!)

*A mysterious light suddenly flashes through the windows*


*blink blink*

“Why are all the lights pulsating?”

*GIGA-FLASH* … *Insert one order of “BLOODY LOUD THUNDER”, here*

The rest of the evening was then filled with the incessant pounding sound of rain atop the roof, most enjoyable. So much so, that I decided I’d go for a walk down to the shore at 1:00 in the morning (again, ever the insomniac).

So, at approximately 1:05 AM I stepped out my front door and into a deluge that would have put Gilgamesh to shame. As my defense against such an onslaught, no more then my heavy coat and younger sister’s stylish rainbow umbrella (very faux pas, I know… not that I cared at the time).

Anywho, so there I am, prancing around through the dead of night in the pouring rain, when suddenly, a thought can to me… a cougar had been spotted a few days ago skulking around the village (if you could have only seen my face at that moment). As I was saying… So there I was, soaking wet, huddled under my little sister’s tiny umbrella, thinking invisible thoughts (shoulda tried holding my breath), slowly plodding my way down through the village towards to shoreline.

The marina was looking pretty good by the time I arrived, what with the faint glow of light emanating through the warden’s dining room windows, some of the neato coolest waves I’ve seen in a long time, and a bubble like covering of thick fog surrounding the entire “bay”. I think I must have stood there on the pier for a good twenty minutes just taking it all in.

So, after successfully fulfilling my inner swashbuckling tendencies (YAR!), I returned home at about 2:05 AM and collapsed onto my bed!

By the way, it is my belief that crickets should be commended for their amazing (or is it insane?) persistence through which they serenade the night sky. All I can say is somebody better be keepin’ track of all the good karma they’ve been saving up.

  • Sept 8th 2003 (Monday)
  • by Haren
  • Published on October 1st, 2003

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