Mt.Bike try-hards are lame

by David Gluzman

When Mt.Biking first started out in the late 80’s it was a pretty underground activity. Hardcore cyclist with the enthusiasm to take it off road and break some bones while having the rush of their lives. Fast forward to today and nothing much has changed, except that there is actual hardware available for the hardcore rider (ie: downhill bikes).

Just like any other Joe on the street I think cool biking equipment is really cool, ie: shocks, disc breaks or whatever. What isn’t cool is seeing un-core people buy super crazy downhill bikes and then just ride it throughout town without a helmet or anything. These people are “not” cool.

I’m pretty sure every major city has these hacks. They ride super expensive mt.bikes, shove the seats all the way to the frame, and ride around in casual clothing without a helmet on. Morons. What’s the appeal?

If something is super cool and costs you thousands of dollars don’t cha think you’d try being a little more professional about it. If you watch any pro mt.bikers (specifically down hillers), they are decked out to the tits in body armor and protective equipment. They’re not trying to look cool, but rather trying to save body parts. These guys/girls are cool because they throw their bodies down mountains to see how fast they can do it in, while staying in one piece.

So do yourself a favor. If you think you’d like to try Mt.Biking show the sport a little respect, and instead of taking your super cool attitude to the streets take it off road. Oh, and if you’re just trying to be cool, the least you can do is wear a skateboarding helmet. Wearing the bucket saves lives (even from cars).

  • Mt.Bike try-hards are lame
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on June 1st, 2002

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