Manifesto of a Fat Kid

by Crom

They told us there would be no revolution. They said there was no need to imagine, or believe. No need for faith, for promise, and no need for truth. They told us.

They told us we didn’t need to worry. We didn’t need to hunt, we didn’t need to stand up to the fear, they told us they had taken care of that. They told us we had no more bad times, no more living hard, barbeque’s everyday. We could have a four car garage, we could have sixty four ounces of Pepsi. They told us we didn’t have to refrigerate, we abolished those things that spoiled. They told us Pasture was old hat, now we had never die perfectly glistening fat. They told us penicillin wasn’t going to fail, they said we’d never get sick. They told us.

They said we should buy up as many transistors we could find, stuff your gullet with electronic convenience, taste the golden spray of a new age of enlightenment. They told us that mail would always get delivered, and your library card wasn’t necessary anymore. They told us our sneakers would never wear; our cars were more efficient. They told us our homes were burglar proof, and Jesus swung a pitchfork. They told us to buy cell phones and hello kitty and pokemon and Louis Vuitton. They told us to gather unto ourselves the things necessary to fulfill out lives. They told us.

They told us write Goth poetry, and make blogs. They told us sell online, and buy online, for only in the ever unstoppable machinations of capitalism can the cancerous demon called Communism be smote. They told us to never give in to impure thoughts, they told us never to have sex till marriage, they told us to make our beds, they told us to sit on the fence. They told us to eat Skippy, and to plan to retire at 55. They told us to be ourselves, holding of course that yourself conformed to their sense of propriety, they told us Punk was evil. They told us long hair wasn’t “in”, they told us that our comics would ruin our lives, and football was the only sport men played. They Told Us.


They never told you that everyday was the revolution. They never told you each choice was the path, and saying no to second helpings was the cure. They never told you about the other faith, the faith in You. They never told you to stand tall, they never told you to be real. They never told you to sing loudly, whenever you can, and those who laugh are only crying at themselves. They never told you that you’d be greater then those who dragged you down. They never told you.

They never told you about the power you wield, they feared for their own safety, their own plush lives. They never told you to want for nothing, by wanting none of their things, none of their lives, none of their ways. They never told you that a carpenter made more then a physicist. They never told you how to weld. They never told you to use the Force, they never told you to be Free.

I’m Telling you.

I’m telling you to dance when there is music. I’m telling you to laugh at the sun. Cry when your rivals fall, praise them when they do well. Clap hardest at the worst street play, believe that your power can make them better, believe you can raise the bar. I’m telling you to call bullshit on me, and while I ask for your trust, I will earn it. I’m telling you.

This Manifesto is more real then real. This Manifesto is disjointed and short.

I will fight their concept of us. I will fight the plan they made for our lives. I will fight every impulse they implant in my brain with catchy advertising, with Madison avenue’s years of research. I will fight their complacency, I will fight their hatred. I will love where there is none, I will light the candle where there is dark. I will help the fallen to their feet. I will give my water to the thirsty, I will give my money to the poor. Our battle will only be won by removing the framework we were born into. I will fight by living my life to my own ends, and have no concern for their expectations about my salary, benefits and living arrangements. I will fight boredom and sloth. I will fight.

Join Me.

  • Manifesto of a Fat Kid
  • by Crom
  • Published on March 1st, 2005

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