Jason Nevins

by Incentive Music

'I'm In Heaven' by Jason Nevins, featuring Holly James

On behalf of the Incentive Music, we take great pleasure in presenting the following ‘direct to file’ video stream hyperlink of ‘I’m In Heaven’ by Jason Nevins, featuring Holly James.

I’m In Heaven is a toe tapping, contagious dancefloor smash that has already become one of the most played records on UK radio this summer. The disco masterpiece comes from Jason Nevins who is already responsible for the best selling dance record of all time – his remix of Run DMC’s “It’s Like That”. Now he’s teamed up with UK singer Holly James, formerly of pop group Tymes 4 to create yet another dance classic. After several years of working with all the top names in the music industry including stars like Justin Timberlake, Nelly, Moby and N.E.R.D, Jason has sampled another – Michael Jackson – to provide the main hook for I’m In Heaven with a clever steal from Jackson’s Human Nature. A catchy and original song, penned by Nevins and sung beautifully by Holly makes this a perfect summer hit.

Jason Nevins Featuring Holly James‘ – I’m in Heaven (Video)

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  • Jason Nevins
  • by Incentive Music
  • Published on September 1st, 2003

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