Following Through on Your Fitness Resolutions

by Michelle McGrath

We are already six months into the New Year, and if you are finding that your health and fitness resolutions have already begun to fizzle out, or are just not happening, here are some surefire and practical tips for reviving them!

1. Choose a fitness activity that you actually enjoy doing! Some of your options include: yoga, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, indoor tennis, swimming, martial arts, in-home personal training, spin classes, and the list goes on!

2. What time of the day do you feel most energetic? If possible, use that time on a regular basis for your exercise period. This way you won’t feel as if your dragging yourself into it, and your performance will be accelerated. When you have a positive experience with your fitness activities, you will feel motivated to continue on with them. (Associating fitness with feelings of success, energy and fun, is the key here!)

3. If you are too bogged down to set aside a full hour for a fitness activity, than break your exercise period into 2-4 15 minute stints, scattered throughout the day. On your a.m. and p.m. coffee breaks, choose to climb stairs, go for a brisk walk or stretch in your office, instead of grabbing a coffee and donut or muffin. This will have a revitalizing effect on your body and brain, and you will resume work with renewed energy.

4. If you enjoy social interactions for motivation, partner up with a friend, colleague or family member, and commit to a fitness activity together. Encourage each other, keep one another on track and accountable to the commitment, and have a little friendly competition to challenge yourselves. Aim to team up with a partner who is at a similar fitness level and however, contrasts with and compliments your own skills and interests. For instance, if you have a personal goal of improving upon your cycling speed, power or endurance, pair up with a partner who will challenge you in these areas. Like-wise, if your partner desires to re-kindle their interest in cross- country skiing, and that is your strength, than you can share your experience with them.

5. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Join a club such as the Calgary Ski Club or the Alpine Club. Meet others who share your interests and will assist you in broadening and refining your skill base and/or teach them some new tricks!

6. Plan ahead! Set aside slots of time in your day-timer for you! Commit to these times and let clients and family members know in advance that these times are already booked. Strive to maintain consistency in these time slots (ex.” Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 6 p.m. I have an appointment with my personal trainer; to go for a swim; to go to yoga, etc.”) It is crucial that you resist the urge to “give in” to their demands and sacrifice this valuable personal time. Once they know you are willing to give it up, they’ll continue to expect it. If you are neglecting your own needs, how can you muster up the energy to give to others? This is a matter of re- defining your values and doing so will earn you the respect and personal space you require for your own sense of balance. You will need to be strong with friends and family who are looking for the “old” you. The process of acknowledging and accepting the changes you are making, will require them to re-acquaint themselves with the “empowered” you.

7. Set realistic and attainable goals, with a timeline for successfully attaining your desired outcomes. Write them down, with as much specific detail as possible, and review them upon awakening and when retiring to bed (ex. What will you feel like physically, mentally and spiritually; look like, interact with others like, sound like, hold yourself like, etc., when you attain this desired outcome?). When you experience success, reward yourself appropriately by flaunting yourself in a manner that demonstrates your increased quality of wellness. Share with and confide in others you trust, what your aspirations are and ask them to support you lovingly in your endeavors!

Michelle Ancelin is a health and wellness coach residing in Calgary, Alberta. She has been guiding, motivating and inspiring her clients for 12 years. She specializes in yoga, personal in-home fitness training, outdoor training, nutrition and lifestyle management. Please visit her website or e-mail her at for more information.

  • Following Through on Your Fitness Resolutions
  • by Michelle McGrath
  • Published on May 27th, 2007
Michelle Ancelin:
Health and Wellness Coach

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