by Alphabet Supes


eye nose oui no’s
everybody knows:

i love you
if you laugh and smile and happiness tames your lips
when your i’s meet my i’s

an’ teem with yes

a void: the blank space;
the blue place
in between places:
in between faces.


sometimes, when the road is hit with rain and leaves, and saws are buzzing, leaving everything covered in their dust, the mush creates a feeling; a taste: oatmeal.

sometimes, when your head droops but the station knows, and it helps you, disturbing the calm, the filth creates a feeling; a smell: cheap coffee.

sometimes, when 20 people talk to you at once, all monday grumpy it’s cold at work and everyone’s cold and unhappy whining, the throng creates a feeling; a sound: alarm.

sometimes, when the station rushes by the subway car the people warping past and materialising, coming to a halt, the whizz creates a feeling; a vision: birth. sometimes, when you’re standing next to a girl, and she’s standing next to you, holding onto the same thing, the pole, and you see her back reflected in the window, and her head’s pointed right behind you, and motion becomes absurdity, and there might be a strange connection, a feeling: yes.


coming up
with feelings
hard, dense, slow
unnatural unkind unpleasant

once more
with feeling
-s plus expressing them
difficult defective or derivative

being down
with feelings
forced mimetic academically
aloof flaky laughter

with feelings,
coming up with words
means manufacturing once more
a drab tableau of being down


there’s these little giggles of ripples of motion emotion, simple dimples of sky blue with sunset pink slowly setting letting the grapefruit glow flow in smiling streams whenever she talks to me.

there’s this feeling of reeling cruising losing myself and though clever i’m never at rest just rolling backward awkward like a kite caught in a draught and laughed at for noticing only her.

i don’t mind, i’ll take the jeers with the cheers.

  • Poems
  • by Alphabet Supes
  • Published on September 1st, 2001

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