G-8 Rioting 101: Only the uneducated need apply

by Kobayashi

Well, lets face it, I won’t be the only one to r4nt and discredit those who are about to turn Calgary, into Lockdown Town.

With the G-8 Summit come and gone (by the time this article goes live), I predict that many of Calgary’s prized buildings and parks will require some type of rebuilding, painting, cleaning or restructuring. I’ll give you 10-1 odds.

Having been an avid follower of G-8 events this year, I can wholeheartedly say “Fuck off rioters, radicals and shit disturbers alike”.

With G-8 costs soaring to well over the $400 million dollar mark (Genoa, Italy cost $225 million) many people have questioned Canada’s decisive use for such costly methods of anti-terrorism, anti-riots, and anti-destroy-Calgary-Kananaskis-and-our-surrounding-communities. Well, to put it bluntly, I think it’s necessary, if only because we are hosting the Summit. Whether or not I agree to hosting the G-8 is another article.

I think a better question is to ask how can we not afford to spend such a ghastly amount on ensuring the safety of the delegates, of the citizens, and of our surroundings. Look at what happened in Italy. $225 million later, they still weren’t able to prevent mass riots and the death of a 23 year old protestor. And in light of the horrible events a mere 10 months ago, I think spending a few hundred million more to ensure nothing else of that magnitude is but a mere drop in the bucket. I certainly feel my life is worth at least $150 million. Is yours?

But what really pisses me off is that some protestors have the gall to claim that government is taking excessive action in ensuring nothing disastrous happens. Perhaps what protesting groups need to do is have potential protestors fill out an application form along with passing a history test to ensure that if they ever get the chance to make a public statement, they do not make everyone in their group look like complete buffoons. For example, protestors claim that they will not turn any form of peaceful political gathering into a violent protest. Bullshit. Here is your first test question. How many “peaceful protests” in previous IMF, WTO, and G-8 Summits have there been? Most recently, none. Seattle was a disaster, Genoa was worse, Montreal didn’t fair much better and most recently Halifax. Halifax?! Yep, the recent G-7 gathering of Finance Ministers resulted in riots and violence lending truth the fact that protests do not start and end peacefully. Not even in little Halifax. Give us one solid reason to believe that Calgary will be different.

Those that aren’t planning on protesting violently are questioning why such drastic security measures are being taken. They claim that the government is looking for violent confrontation because of the massive number of military and law enforcement personnel that will be on hand. Bullshit. Here’s test #2. We aren’t stupid. We’re Western. With such high profile delegates attending the Summit why shouldn’t Canada heighten security? With the past history of riots and mayhem, I think we’re smarter than in the past in that we have even more security. We’re smart enough to know when it’s necessary to protect what we’ve built as a city. We’re smart enough to try and preserve what precious environment we have. We’re smart enough to deter violence and rioting as much as we can. And who can forget the past events of a mere ten months ago? Well apparently our fellow humans (dare I say Albertans?!) can. With increased focus on national security and threats of more terrorist attacks, the G-8 would be a prime target for terrorist organizations to take out the eight leaders of the world’s industrialized nations. And as the military has reiterated time and time again, the military personnel are their to take care of any potential terrorist attacks, and not to play Mom to rioters and radicals. In fact, let the radicals claw their way through K-Country. Our bears are getting rather hungry.

Bottom line. How many of the protestors REALLY know what the G-8 is all about. Is it really all about globalization and protecting the environment? Bullshit. Here’s test #3. There are three distinct topics in which the Summit is meant to address. Can you name them? I’m willing to bet that over 65% of the general public don’t even know what they are let alone our anarchist friends. Ok, I’ll give you Terrorism, since that’s just painfully obvious. The other two are to help strengthen global economic growth and aiding and partnering in the development of Africa.

If protestors were able answer all three questions then I think they should be allowed to protest, albeit peacefully.

I’ll say this much. I live in Calgary and have for all my life. If any violent protestors get out of hand and so much as touch me, or any other member of my family I will not tolerate their actions and will fight hand and foot to ensure that my civil liberties are not encroached upon. Tough words? Not if you consider what will be happening (or have happened by the time you read this) to our city.

Favorite quote: In response to violent protestors throwing using ball bearings against the police during rioting in Halifax.

“Here’s the best solution I’ve heard for the next meeting of G-8 leaders: hold it on a U.S. aircraft carrier somewhere in the ocean.

Protection would be relatively easy, the target could move and it would be fun to see how far violent radicals can swim with ball bearings in their pockets.”

  • G-8 Rioting 101: Only the uneducated need apply
  • by Kobayashi
  • Published on July 1st, 2002

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