A non researched view of Insurance Companies

by David Gluzman

It’s a freakishly close battle for first place atop my podium of despise of modern companies. I really should bump up Insurance companies over Banks, but I’ve been barking at Banks far too long to switch now, but damn Insurance companies piss me right off.

I should be keeping all my money under my pillow and scamming both uncle sam and the tyranny of the banking world. That at least is an option. When I get into my car, I can’t choose to “risk” it and not drive with insurance… Well I guess I could, but you’d be out of your mind and most likely either get sued to hell, or just get a ticket. It’s not that I don’t think insurance is useful, but these bastards… these $%@#$ bastards.

I only have one more year to go in order to reach premium platinum adult driving status or for my car insurance to drop to a record breaking low, glory I can’t wait. Hold up, back up the truck. I’ve been paying insurance on vehicles for about 6 years.. Hmm. That’s about… oh.. $18,000. Hmm.. I drive a $3000 car. *cough* No, I’m not bitter, I’m angry. I’ve got enough bills, and my shitty old rust bucket of a car needs repairs.

Can’t I get “oh no, my car needs repair insurance?”

Tuition, rent, you name it, if you are under 25 years old you got bills coming out of your ass. You don’t get a break on anything except when you show your student ID and get 10% off at the local pub. If you are young in this day and age you are totally taking it up the ass in every way possible, and I point at insurance companies at being the biggest dildo in the hole. It freaking hurts..

Did I mention I have a perfect driving record, and have a grand total of ZERO tickets?!

Insurance companies don’t care. Statistics prove that “boys” are more of a hazard than any other demographic. So theoretically what is happening is that a few loose screws out there are ruining it for everyone else that is just plainly driving from point A to point B. Screw you bastards. This system sucks. You are barely rewarded for driving sanely theses days anyways. Why can’t insurance be cheap (or more affordable) for all good drivers REGARDLESS of statistics or age?! Why can’t everyone be treated equally (haven’t we past racism by now?). Oh right, because insurance is a business, and business is there to make money.

Money, that’s where the flaw is. It has to be. Since everyone that drives needs insurance, their business is constantly growing.

Lets see (piss poor economics):
Population: 1 million
Drivers: Say around 30%: 330,000
Insurance Cost Median per year: $1500
Gross Income: $495,000,000
Avg cost per accident: $2500
Don’t even get me started on deductables!
Accidents per year: Say 30% of all drivers: 110,000 = $275,000,000
Net Income: $220,000,000

Now I’m sure I’m out to lunch here with my numbers that I just made up; however I don’t think I would be that far off with Net income figures. If insurance companies weren’t making such good bank, we sure as hell wouldn’t have so many shitty options to choose from.

Since insurance is a necessity to drive anywhere, why can’t this be controlled by a non-profit organization? If you cause a 10 car pileup: pay 10k a year in insurance. Sure why not. Indeed this is a harsh solution and most likely will not work, but common people! I’m sure we can figure out something better than the current situation.

To be honest I don’t understand how insurance companies make money, I only understand how they make money off me. I guess I should start driving worse, get into more accidents, and perhaps sue a few people here and there; that should cover me for the past 6 years of pure debt.

Oh and I failed to mention, that if for some reason you don’t renew your insurance for a few months (say to go on vacation, move, or not own a car), your insurance record gets reset to shitty driver status. Sounds fair to me, cause if I’m not driving for a few months, boy I get rusty as hell. That reminds me, after winter is out I put my training wheels back on my bicycle. Jesus.

  • A non researched view of Insurance Companies
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on July 1st, 2003

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