Everything was Great… till we brought the wrath of god down on ourselves.

by Crom

Let us look at our society today. Rumour has it we’re the most evolved species roaming this water logged rock in search of food and mates. We’ve mastered microwave cookery, Sunday morning cartoons, spray cheese, Internet porn, and that elusive scoundrel: television ratings.

Of course we still get killed by floods and earthquakes, our houses are still made out of rock and mud, our kids are still grabbed off the street by people in purple vans with pumas on the side, and hitting a girl over the head with a rock and dragging her back to your cave still seems to be the Frat House’ modus operandi. The question that begs asking is “Why do we think we’re the most highly evolved animal on earth?”

We sell our children on the Internet; we leave people in the streets to die. The level of well-educated children coming out of the public school systems is plummeting, and the cost of post-secondary for those who are well educated is rising. Television destroys the concept of group-dynamics; Stab your team in the back for the brass ring. It mocks the intimacy and romance of male/female bipolarity, and through inane and effeminate humour it erodes the progress of same sex movements worldwide. Our media and popular opinion glorify the depraved and under-handed. Why are we, as a world, so totally without reason or sense?

The thing that frightens me however, is not our senseless inability to cherish and appreciate each unique soul, but rather the fact that we are responsible for their pain, by the corporate machines need for profit by catering to the vices and inequities of the baser human desires.

We’ve metered, recorded, measured, typified, catalogued, filed, and categorized every vulgar appetite that appeals to the human mind and then coalesced and combined it into one thick digital signal and pumped it at light-speed through a global network of cracked out whores, pimps, dealers, fiber optics, radio and TV signals and brought it all to you served up fresh with a cool glass of your favorite drink, loaded with a refreshing mix of alcohol and uppers that you can down while you watch Temptation Island and wax philosophical about that girls tits and that guys washboard abs, all the while not even realizing you’ve become a fucking lapdog for Fox Television, and that while they love your attention , they’re putting you to sleep next thanksgiving.


The sterile media circus is transforming your already tapioca-like brain into an even more screwed up mass of useless gray matter. Allow me to formulate the proper response to them for you: Half assed voyeuristic programming interrupted every 5 minutes by patronizing commercials, thought up by some anally retentive,
gray flannel suit, pocket protector wearing, “only have sex in the missionary position and my wife is cheating on me with the post man and my teenage daughter is addicted to crack” bigwig marketing dickhead is not going to make me want to:

A) Watch more TV

B) Buy whatever non-biodegradable, made in Canada (but actually made in Taiwan), piece
of garbage you’re pushing on us;

C) Ever consider applying the brake in my car if you happen to fall in the
middle of the street while I’m driving there.

We spend our time glorifying seduction, infidelity, betrayal and deceit. We also wonder why our children kill each other or why girls get raped outside bars. Men and Women the world over wonder why they were betrayed by their spouse, and will cry in a beer about it while watching Temp. Isle. We’ve become Sodom and Gomorrah. If we don’t start getting our heads pulled from our asses, the brimstone will be raining down
on our heads, and your patented Eddie Bauer umbrella will last about as long as a gay parade in Revelstoke.

It’s high time we start recognizing the fact that we are responsible for our own downfall, and we WILL fall. Rome was the greatest empire to date, and it was crushed inside of a year. We’d be a 15 minute piece on 60 minutes.

Pick up the people off the streets, and stop selling our children. Teach everyone, as they need to be taught, the greatest minds of our time were thrown out of school a lot. Stop watching TV, the only thing it can ever achieve is to lessen the strength of the people that watch, and weaken their minds. Reach down to your partner and help them up as well, they will help you when you are down too. If you don’t love someone enough to be honest, loving, reasonable, gentle and appreciative, then have the decency to break it off before you become one of the things they find indespensible; you’ll only multiply the pain. Teach your kids about that puma van, it’s easier to fight , then to be afraid.

And, if I ever see you hitting a girl with a rock, I’ll kick your ass.

  • Everything was Great… till we brought the wrath of god down on ourselves.
  • by Crom
  • Published on March 2nd, 2001

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