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Reading For New Times – Est.2001

What the heck is up with the name? Why is there a number in there?!

Like anything creative you don’t always stay par for the course with the original creation. You see the original intent during the early years was to have a place for people to express themselves (and by all means it still is), however the name originally stood for RANT. That’s right, a soapbox; where a 4 actually represented an A (we were very 31337 back then). Alas as the magazine matured so did its brand. A few years into it we adjusted ourselves to represent “Reading For New Times“, which lost a lot of the negative connotations that once reflected the original brand. Yay for positivity!

Uuh, okay why then?

It’s quite simple really. We’re trying to figure out the meaning of life, and this seemed like a pretty good first jab at it. We once heard it’s forty two, but somehow we’re still grasping at straws.

That’s deep stuff, are you big in Japan?


Interesting. I like to create stuff too, can I help out?

Most Definitely. We’re always looking to help publish/showcase original work. Get in touch!

Oh! Who runs this damn’d thing?

You! No seriously, R4NT is an open community that operates on your submissions! We have lots of interesting opportunities around the globe that we’d love to share with whomever is interested; let that be reviewing a movie, hitting up a music festival, or drinking some fine wine. If you’re still wondering who’s been hardcore here, you might get an better idea browsing the back issues.