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    • SPACE – Ibiza by David Piccioni

      by Azuli Records

      At Space an understanding has developed that it’s attitude that counts, not passports, with music the reason for this – music is the answer.

    • Adam Sandler CD Giveaway

      by R4NT

      The fifth album from Adam features 7 crazy new songs and 13 hilarious skits. New characters, new music, new Sandler.

    • Jeff Mills – Choice

      by Azuli Records

      If Mills played golf he’d be Tiger Woods. If he chanced his arm at racing motors then Schumacher would be choking on his fumes.

    • Louie Vega – Choice

      by Azuli Records

      Now everybody plays the four-on-the-floor house beat, but DJs used play four-on-the-floor with funk, jazz, Euro and syncopated rhythms

    • Envoy – Shoulder2Shoulder

      by Soma Records

      The title track from his forthcoming album, is an agitated cross between the martian sounds of Red Planet and the techno punk of Green Velvet

    • Special Feature: Big Dada

      by Big Dada

      Having taken it upon themselves to release heaps of records on the sly without you even noticing. It’s cos we’re from London innit?

    • OHM – Forget Who We Are

      by Resistance Media

      Their policy of embracing P2P seems to be paying off spectacularly and the band will soon be able to play their first OHM party in London.

    • Schneider TM – Reconfigures

      by Ear Sugar

      It’s difficult to do political music but music is more often alternative to politics because music connects people so well.

    • Miami 2004 – The Underground Sound of the Miami Music Conference

      by Azuli Records

      The definative Miami showcase lp featuring tracks you will know already – along side those destined to be the summers anthems and booty shakers.

    • Regazzi – Video Stream

      by Schnitzel Records

      BERLIN-based electro-pop outfit Ragazzi are a delightful mix of mellow, immaculately produced modern grooved and quirky beats..

    • Late Night Tales – Turin Brakes

      by Woah Music & Azuli Records

      As the LateNight series enters it’s 11th release we are proud to present another class act and yet another maiden voyage for the compiler..

    • Honey

      by Just Music

      From the pioneering simplicity of their electronic roots, Honeyroot’s Glenn Gregory (H17) and Keith Lowndes have created Sound Echo Location – a beautifully crafted album which blends contemporary electronica with real instruments and vocals.

    • Red Snapper

      by Lo Recordings

      Over the last 8 years, Lo Recordings have been one of the most innovative and ground-breaking labels around. Most recently they have picked up the now-legendary Red Snapper and released two albums this year – the eponymous album came first in February, and now the second is upon us. Redone is selection of tracks from the last album, remixed by a variety of contemporary artists including Radioactive Man, Depth Charge, Blue States, Pedro, Rothko, Red Snapper themselves and more.

    • More Hotness from Big Dada

      by Big Dada

      Time to check out the latest releases from the label recently described in Bang magazine as “releasing the most consistently fascinating British records of our generation”.

    • Chungking – Let The Love In

      by Tummy Touch

      Bastions of cool, purveyors of the finest in sweet soul music and possessors of one of this country’s finest female voices, Chungking follow their exquisite debut album ‘We Travel Fast’ with the blissed out new single ‘Let The Love In’.

    • LateNightTales – Jamiroquai

      by Woah Music & Azuli Records

      The AnotherLateNight and LateNightTales compilation series have sold by the bucketload and seen mixes from the likes of Groove Armada, Zero 7 and Sly & Robbie. Now they present their biggest artist yet: Jamiroquai. In his first ever mix album Jay takes you on a fluid journey through the twilight hours, showcasing his inspirations, his favourites and artists he likes to take his hat off to.

    • Progression Sessions 9

      by The Good Looking Organisation

      The ‘Progression Sessions’ compilation series is the seminal sound of Good Looking Records and the latest installment, recorded live from Space Lab Yellow in Tokyo, is an absolute gem. Mixed by Good Looking’s man of the moment, Makoto and accompanied by the sweet soulful voice of GLO’s first lady MC, Deeizm, you can’t help but dig this.

    • Banging in the Beats

      by Ninja Tune

      This is huge: 10 Audio links and 6 Video hookups including artists: Treva Whateva, Super Numeri, Loka, Homelife, Chris Bowden, Mr.Scruff, Kid Koala, The Herbaliser, Cookie Monster and The Girls, Bonobo, Homelife, Jaga Jazzist, and Pest!

    • Jason Nevins

      by Incentive Music

      I’m In Heaven is a toe tapping, contagious dancefloor smash that has already become one of the most played records on UK radio this summer. The disco masterpiece comes from Jason Nevins who is already responsible for the best selling dance record of all time – his remix of Run DMC’s “It’s Like That”.

    • Bonobo – Dial M for Monkey

      by Ninja Tune

      Simon Green aka Bonobo is back with nine perfectly formed tracks on a perfectly formed album. No huge, bloated, over-conceptualised rottage for the monkey man. He gets in, does what he has to do, gets out.

    • Hi Gate

      by Incentive Music

      With several club anthems already under their belt, including 4 Top 30 hits in the UK, Hi-Gate finally unleashed their debut album earlier this year. Spread across two CDs it takes you through an epic journey with two of the best producers in dance music today. For those not in the know, Hi-Gate are international dance guru and Radio 1 DJ, JUDGE JULES along with long term, chart topping production partner, PAUL MASTERSON.

    • Peppercorn

      by Full On Entertainment

      Hyperventilating, the first single from Peppercorn’s fantastic new album ‘Barefoot’ is a summer breeze of a single – infectious, funky and uplifting. Written by Peppercorn it was created with the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Smith, who has previously worked with artists such as David Gray, Shania Twain and Robbie Williams.

    • Yomanda

      by Incentive Music

      Having recently released his Hi-Gate double album ‘Split Personality’ (created with his long-term collaborator and friend Judge Jules), London Irish producer Paul Masterson returns to his most successful solo persona YOMANDA. With successful productions including Kylie, Boy George and Geri Halliwell, Paul has now turned his hand to a rework of Ultra Nate’s 1997 Balearic anthem You’re Free.

    • Makoto

      by The Good Looking Organisation

      LTJ Bukem’s, Good Looking Organisation, is pleased to finally announce the arrival of the long awaited album, ‘Human Elements’, by the rising star from Japan, Makoto.

    • Chungking

      by Tummy Touch

      Hailing from Brighton, the San Francisco of Sussex, the band’s debut album is the product of a three year labour of love and loss across five decades of sound. Timeless songs, delivered with a lightness of touch and a voice that will make you swoon.

    • Acid Jazz Records & Pleasurebeach

      by Acid Jazz Records

      On behalf of Acid Jazz Records, below you will find all the ‘direct to file’ hyperlinks to full-length audio streams (in both Real Audio & Windows Media) of all tracks on the single ‘Out Of The Blues’ by PLEASUREBEACH…

    • Big Dada Videos and Sounds

      by Big Dada

      Big Dada – “the most progressive British hip hop label ever” – (The Fader, NY). From UK acts of the calibre of Roots Manuva and Ty, through to US artists like Mike Ladd, Saul Williams, Big Jus and Abstract Rude, to Paris Underground legends TTC, the label has represented its own unique take on underground hip hop for six years

    • Incentive Music

      by Incentive Music

      On behalf of Incentive Music and their label, Product, we take great pleasure in presenting the following ‘direct to file’ hyperlinks of three full-length video streams in both Real Audio & Windows Media.

    • Ninja Tune & Synchronic Records: Saul Williams

      by Ninja Tune

      Since Saul Williams recorded debut, “Twice The First Time,” this young blood poet, MC and actor/director from America has impressed the world with skilful words and the moral and political weight of his views. When Saul was asked to become involved in the American “Not In Our Name Campaign” he obliged with a powerful message. …

    • Music / Video Promos #2

      by Ninja Tune

      Ninja Tune are breaking new ground in 2003. Videos from the latest releases and free MP3 downloads from new and established Ninja artists are available for R4NT readers. Four video streams, eight audio streams and free MP3s including Mr Scruff, Amon Tobin, Jaga Jazzist, Hexstatic, Pest, Hint, Super Numeri, Skalpel. And most of them aren’t event out – yet!

    • Special Feature: Music / Video Promos

      by Ninja Tune

      Courtesy of Ninja Tune, we have an absolute belter of an audio / video extravaganza to offer readers: DSP, Mr.Scruff, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, Pest, Chocolate Industries, Super Numeri, Dj Vadim & Funki Procini.

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