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    • Autumn Musical Gems

      by Jon Freer

      Stereotyp “Keepin’ Me”, “Mr. Scruff’s Big Chill Classics”, “The Big Chill 2006”, “Deep, Down & Discofied” and Kraak & Smaak’s “Boogie Angst”. All these longplayers are highly recommended and should be available in your local record store or favourite online music vending outlet shortly.

    • R4NT Radio August 2006

      by David Gluzman

      Round 3 of R4NT Radio. In an effort to makeup lost ground from July, we’ve got an extended program featuring: Lee Baby Simms, Phil Ranelin, Bonobo, Niko, Osunlade, Delinquent Habits, Richard Dorfmeister, Kerri Chandler, and Rubim De Toledo.

    • Warped Tour 2006

      by Adrian Bryksa

      They blew the house down and I do not think there was a disappointed person leaving the speedway after their set. If you are a fan of punk, metal or aggressive music in general, you need to give Rise Against a chance.

    • R4NT Radio June 2006

      by David Gluzman

      Welcome to yet another round of R4NT Radio. Today we are featuring some tastey treats from: Carl Craig, Beat Assailant, Roisin Murphy, Quantic, Aceyalone & RJD2, and Kraak & Smaak.

    • springsix: electronic music utopia

      by R4NT

      The combination of venues and music is what makes it electric. I can barely digest it thinking back to it. It is four filled days of perpetual events. It is huge. The list of artists and shows is extensive.

    • R4NT Radio May 2006

      by David Gluzman

      After six years of publishing music reviews with words.. We’ve upgraded… Welcome to R4NT Radio. Inside: Border Crossing, ZeroDB, AmmonContact, Dj Cam, Gotan Project, & Fink.

    • R4NT Giveaway Contest!

      by R4NT

      In celebration of our completion of 5 full volumes of R4NT we are giving away 3 copies of ‘Back to Bedlam’ from James Blunt. Also each lucky winner will receive a James Blunt T-Shirt as well.

    • Interview with Coldcut

      by David Gluzman

      After almost 8 years since their last release. We got the chance to catch up with Matt Black to talk to him about “Sound Mirrors” along with all things tech, with a side of politics, and some clips from the new album. Tune in!

    • Holiday Loungers in Style

      by David Gluzman

      It’s quiet. Time to put on some tunes than everyone can enjoy, and I don’t mean ‘Jingle bells’ or anything remotely jingly. I’m talking about some solid lounge.

    • The Darkness

      by Atlantic Records

      Steering firmly clear of ridiculous, The Darkness’ histrionics make spaceships, tigers and bared chests logical accompaniments to songs that are immediately memorable and utterly timeless.

    • Coldcut

      by Ninja Tune

      Coldcut return with the first single from their stunning forthcoming album, and it’s a Hunter S Thompson of a tune (by which we mean larger than life, not quite sane and quite possibly dangerous).

    • Interview with Audible Intelligence

      by The Lotus Queen

      A disparate group of guys dusted themselves off, realized they had bonafide talents and were all in one way or another, sometimes unwittingly connected.. Audible Intelligence was formed.

    • BAG

      by Simmons Records

      Every once in a while an artist comes along that breaks the mold, an artist who fails to fit into today’s cookie cutter world, an artist unwavering in his fierce commitment to creativity. That artist is BAG.

    • Ninja Tune’s Summer of Love

      by Ninja Tune

      On behalf of our friends at the hub of indie cool we know as Ninja Tune, here you have a little media bounty, which includes four full length audio streams and the free tru-tones for each of the songs for you to enjoy

    • James Blunt

      by Atlantic Records

      The onetime British army captain, who served stints as a peacekeeper in Kosovo and guard at Buckingham Palace, is now preparing to conquer the US with his sublime songs and chillingly emotive live performances.

    • Death Cab for Cutie

      by Atlantic Records

      The first single, “Soul Meets Body” showcases Ben Gibbard’s unique vocal styling and deft lyricism within a romantically haunting keyboard-laden music bed.

    • Crazy Hot New Music

      by David Gluzman

      Much like our past features, such as “Mad Fast Reviews” I’m going to quickly attempted to brainwash you out of the mainstream tar pits and into the world of dope, hot, buzzin’ new beats.

    • Jason Mraz

      by Atlantic Records

      These 12 songs recognize the events of Mraz’s last few years, in which he left the coffee houses where he was raised and was thrust into the theatre and arena circuits.

    • Marcel – Changes Colours Again

      by The Good Looking Organisation

      I Like To Tell Ya Thingz is the crown jewel of Marcel’s and MC Conrad’s collaboration. Conrad is more than just the narrator, he is playing the game. His distinctive voice feeding your addiction…

    • Jaja Jazzist – Video

      by Ninja Tune

      ‘What We Must’ is the next chapter in the Jaga Jazzist history, a kaleidoscopic take on rock stylings, rolling from early 90s British shoegazer guitar pop to 70s prog rock.

    • Claire Nicolson

      by R4NT

      With parts of her debut album recorded at the Mud Hut Studios, Claire Nicolson just could well be one of Britain’s most exciting singer / songwriters around..

    • Underground Sound of the Miami Music Conference

      by Azuli Records

      The millions who, in those fleeting 20 years, have passed through the security on both sides of Miami International Airport because they believed, and still believe in its relevance can’t be wrong.

    • Big Dada Videos

      by Big Dada

      Three new videos from three very different artists in three very different locations should keep you going through this never ending winter situation.

    • John Digweed – Choice

      by Azuli Records

      For many fans of John Digweed this collection will look back through time, past the point where their current understanding of him reaches, beyond the touch of fame and the spark of celebrity.

    • The Flaming Lips

      by Azuli Records

      Playfully dubbed ‘Harry Potter’s and George W. Bush’s Severed Head Army Mix’, the wack-o rendition takes sideswipes at anyone in range with febrile Lips-ian logic.

    • Amon Tobin – Chaos Theory

      by Ninja Tune

      Possibly the first ‘proper’ videogame soundtrack to be released as an album in its own right, this is also a blinding record, another worthy addition to Tobin’s ever-developing catalogue…

    • The Mars Volta

      by Universal Music

      A collection of tracks that will have the music intelligentsia scrambling to find new adjectives to describe the band’s frenetic and chaotic sound.

    • The Kills

      by BMG Music

      Teeming with some of the most alluring love-hate dichotomies ever put to tape. The chemistry is evident in every lyric and guitar chord.

    • The Chemical Brothers

      by Astralwerks

      In true Chemical Brothers’ fashion, Push The Button, showcases the guys penchant for exciting collaborations and awe-inspiring beats.

    • Interview with Daedelus

      by David Gluzman

      I grew-up in a home full of music so it took extra time for me to really start collecting, now I’m on something like 10,000 vinyl..

    • Pure Orange – Save A Prayer

      by Azuli Records

      Jeremy Sylvester is back again under his Pure Orange moniker with a classic track that was originally a hit back, way back, in 1982 for Duran Duran.

    • Slam – This World

      by Soma Records

      Tyrone is also Felix Da Housecat’s vocalist of choice and appears on his recent album ?Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever?

    • Roots Manuva – Colossal Insight

      by Big Dada

      It’s the kind of record that gradually sinks its talons into your psyche, so slowly you don’t even notice it happening.

    • Interview with One Self

      by David Gluzman

      Their voices, placed together for the first time, mesh into a lyrical, melodic blend which summons up memories of the best of Native Tongues updated for a new century..

    • Freaks – The Creeps

      by Azuli Records

      Brand spanking new remixes from the one and only Justin Robertson and germany’s man of the moment Steve Bug.

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