Xbox Live

by David Gluzman

$80 for headset/mic combo combined with 2 game demos and an online subscription model that doesn’t even tell me how much it will cost when the free year of xbox live is over. Ahh.. Good ol’ Microsoft.

Crack the package open with a soldering iron then proceed to revert back to your days of building Lego and put together the controller. Fire off some network cable across your house and watch the women bitch about tripping over some blue cable. That’s only half the fun. You’re next 20 minutes will be taken up by a painfully slow process of entering an application which seems better suited for applying for a job with the FBI; then of course you must divulge your credit card so that when they figure out how much this “service” will cost, they’ll make sure to bill you automatically.. ..that about sums up all the negative sides to Xbox Live.

The only game I could be bothered to spend any great deal of time playing online was the demo of MotoGP, which is a motorcycle racing game. The game itself is top notch in the motorbike racing category, and I would likely suggest buying the game if you are a racing fan of any sorts. The demo gives you access to 3 tracks all of which you can play online, or time-trial by yourself offline.

Instant action takes about 2 seconds. You will immediately find yourself in a game room in which you will find all sorts of people from all over the darned place. Something worth noting is there is a TON of American / Canadian bashing which takes place; which is really entertaining especially if you know how to confuse Americans (we all live in igloos here..). Anyways, the game online is fun, you don’t normally encounter any lag of any sorts, and you can actually talk without it cutting out. Good stuff, especially if you are into cheap long distance (well, until they figure out they want to charge $50/mth for Xbox live).

I can’t be bothered to dwell on explaining all the other details about xbox live. I’m just giving you all the straight dope. It’s pretty dope all in all, yet due to the lack of games that are xbox live compatible I might recommend putting off the purchase until there is actually a game worth buying (expect for MotoGP which I give 10/10).

Btw, if you actually do get it, make sure you think of a good Alias for the Live system, because you can only choose it once and you will not be able to change it without buying a new subscription (yes this is hyper lame). Anyways, if you’d like to tell me that I have no idea what I’m talking about just look (or add me to your friends list – D4V), and you can slander my review all you wish.

  • Xbox Live
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on January 1st, 2003
Xbox Live

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