World of Evil

by Ninja Tune

‘World of Evil’ is an all-out AV assault on an American political machine now in psychotic overdrive for the Presidential election. A 5000 frame crash edit comedy celebration of the blatant corruption, florid insanity and plain good old smelly bullshit that characterises the political landscape of the world’s most powerful country. The ‘World of Evil’ piece by US cut-up don TV Sheriff is the first fruits of the Revolution USA project, where the global audience is invited to interactively remix the media and get satirical or plain nasty on the besuited mini-beelzebubbas who juggle things improper on behalf of us all. And if this is just the start, imagine where it’s going to finish…

Coldcut vs. TV Sheriff: World of Evil

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For more information on this online, multimedia political art project put together by Coldcut and collaborators Nomig go to

  • World of Evil
  • by Ninja Tune
  • Published on December 1st, 2004

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