Scissorkicks – Live Mix at the grill (blizzarts), Montreal

by David Gluzman

The last time I went to get groceries I casually poped in this album, then found myself getting to safeway in record time. This album is full of phat breaking beats, and just makes you want to drive like a maniac. Possibly a good thing, but I’m sure your parents would disagree. Loud music combined with driving must equal a bad thing in the eyes of the boomers. Getting places in record time is always appreciated in my mind.

For those of you that aren’t aware of the lingo associated with electronica, Scissorkicks falls into the category of breakbeat. It’s not techno, but it’s also not house, actually it’s more of a mix of both. If you’ve ever heard bouncy rave style music, but didn’t find it terribly annoying it was most likely breaks.

This compilation was recorded live at a club in Montreal, but don’t let that fool you, the quality (sound) of this recording is crystal clear, and freakishly deep on a good stereo. You will however hear the crowd and outside noises every so often, however this only adds to the excitement of this cd. Turn down the lights, invite some peeps over and crank this album; you’ll be shouting with the crowd guaranteed.

To be honest my first love is deep house, but I did find great appreciation for this breakbeat album. The beats are hard, yet not too fast and it doesn’t make me feel like I’m in “the fast and the furious” while driving. Good mixes, good tracks, good times. If you’re looking for some music to pump you up pick this one up.

  • Scissorkicks – Live Mix at the grill (blizzarts), Montreal
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on August 1st, 2002
Live Mix at the grill (blizzarts), Montreal
EasternBloc Records
June 25th, 2002

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