Reading between enemy lines

by Roy Veismeir

We are stupid and doomed.

Our leaders and media have decided “Islam is a great and peaceful religion” and buried the truth.

Too bad they forgot about 1400 years of Islamic and imperialism overnight. This is a quick history lesson for those who have their heads up their proverbial asses.

If you consider the climate surrounding Islam’s birth, just 1486 years ago, you can understand that jealousy of Jews and Christians fuels their desire to see you dead. After all, Islam had to play catch-up to its older brothers. The Jews lived in an organized society that was already 4000-years old while Christians had nearly 600 years of history. Islam sought legitimacy through sheer conversion numbers and land acquisition. This created desperation and an enormous need to expand, two crucial factors contributing to Islam’s shitty childhood. This does not mean Islam is a mean-spirited religion. It means that Islam has ambition to take over the world.

This need for expansion is reflected in the beautiful mosque architecture throughout the world. We see it in India, where Muslims built a mosque on top of Krishna’s birthplace, arguably one of Hinduism’s holiest sites. We see it in Israel with Al-Aqsa, the Temple Mount mosque built atop the single holiest Jewish site. We saw it when the Taliban wantonly detonated massive Buddhist statues that preceded the rise of Afghani Islam. All of these sites became holy to Muslims when they learned that each site was holy to others. Curiously, there are no other religious groups or “infidel” religious sites anywhere near Mecca and Medina, Islam’s two holiest places.

Does this sound like imperialism yet? It should.

Stranger yet, the Afghani Mullahs decry the war on “Afghanistan’s sacred soil.” So sorry, boys. While they seem to be making it up as they go along, there is not an ounce of Islamic history in Afghanistan except the convert-or-die struggles of yore.

The Western media has carefully ignored these details for fear of truth insulting the viewer. Instead, they are all too quick to report on rogue bombs, the suffering, the children and the “freedom fighters” in Kashmir and the Palestinian controlled territories. Even Reuters, the esteemed news service, has decided to pull the word “terrorist” from every one of their journalists’ vocabularies.

More important, not once during the 24-hour media coverage has one talking head publicly come out to remind us of Palestinians celebrated the WTC atrocity. Not once have the networks reminded us that not a single Arab nation in the coalition has a real democracy. From corrupt kingdoms in Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Egypt’s hilarious exercises masquerading as elections, there isn’t a single legitimate Arab government. And this is especially important because they are our new allies. More important is this little tidbit: No democracy in the history of the world has ever attacked another democracy. Oh, and no democracy harbors, funds or supports terrorism, either.

The stories surrounding Muslim education have been downplayed, too. In many mosques and many religious schools, Muslim children are taught to hate. If this isn’t the case, why haven’t Islam’s religious leaders around the world condemned terrorism and distanced Islam from hijackers and murderers? Instead we see flag burning, massive protests against the west and “Death to America” sign waving from Iran to Saudi Arabia to—wait for it—England. The very fact that “infidel” exists as a term is testament to the Arab world’s xenophobia and systematic racism. They hate you because you are not a Muslim.

That aside, perhaps September 11 had one positive overtone. While Jews have known Islam’s imperialism for 1400 years, the world was force-fed the lesson on a sunny New York morning. Surprisingly, it hasn’t stopped the leaders of the Western world from snuggling with Iran, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, each a sponsor or financier of terrorism. Syria arms Hezbollah, Egypt houses several Islamic terror organizations, Saudi Arabia have refused to fully cooperate to fight terror, and Iran needs no explanation. These are strange bedfellows, indeed.

Until we call a spade a spade and demand full cooperation from our so-called allies, Operation Enduring Freedom will be like preaching abstinence to Highschoolers—a waste of fucking time.

Instead, we must learn to accept our Muslim brothers’ and sisters’ peaceful religion, tolerate the it’s-your-own-fault rhetoric from Muslim leaders living in our own countries, and sit complacently on our hands while our leaders botch the most important mission since toppling Hitler.

It seems the lessons of WWII have been lost on us. Now the Western leaders are busy appeasing every Arab member of the coalition by forgiving debt in exchange for cooperation. Remember, these are terrorism’s mothers and fathers. This policy of appeasement doesn’t work now, and didn’t work in the late 1930s, either. England wittingly allowed Hitler to arm Germany to the tits and silently stood by during Hitler’s Sudetenland annex. A short Blitzkrieg into Poland later, and England shat the bed.

It is strange to see the U.S. walking down appeasement road. After all, it was the Americans who were aggressive and determined to topple WWII Japan. Instead of threatening to bring Japan to justice, the U.S. vowed to crush Japan into tiny pieces. The American government waged war while the citizenry committed their hearts and minds to destroy the enemy.

It’s a shame that the war mentality paradigm has changed. Oprah tells us to hug each other, psychiatrists tell us to shield children from CNN, and democratic governments play nicely with rogue states. If we continue like this, we will drown in our own plurality and lose the war on terrorism. The tyranny of the politically correct will kill us all.

Until then, get wise, keep your chin up, and above all, know your enemy.

Side note: Roy Veismeir is under the Witness Protection Program. No fucking wonder.

  • Reading between enemy lines
  • by Roy Veismeir
  • Published on December 1st, 2001

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