Governments and Gay Marriage

by Steve McGrath

Gay marriage. What are the issues. Who cares. I mean to say, no one puts up such a fuss about if me (boy) wants to marry girl. No one. So why is there such a fuss on gay marriages?

Why is government at all involved with marriage? I don’t get it. Why do straight or gay people have to have their marriage certified by Ralph Klein? Isn’t god qualified?

I may not think it is right, moral or proper. I may get grossed out by 2 men kissing in public. Or, I might think it is wonderful two people can commit the rest of their lives to someone else. I may respect the commitment to struggle through lifes trials together. Either way my opinion is just that, a nifty thought that I have in my head. I am not qualified to decide someone elses life. No one is.

I am talking about two grown adults that know what they are becoming involved in. I am not talking adoption. That is a whole different question. Adoption involves someone too young to make their own decision. I am discussing adults.

People always bring up points involving financial advantages of marriage. Insurance, taxes, benefits and the like. Why does it matter? Everyone pays. Who cares how they like sex? Common law marriages are imposed legally by any couple who lives together for 6 months. They are financially married and they don’t even want to be. There doesn’t seem to be shortage of goodwill to heterosexual couples. Even unwed ones. I have had shared taxes, insurance and investments with women I was common law with and never ended up married to. The relationship flops and the richer one wonders if the poorer one is going to take them to the cleaners. Why can’t same sex couples share at least the same privileges as common law?

God the hipster of the pre technology era. What does he think? Do you really think he cares? If marriage is all about morality then what can be more moral than 2 people decided they aren’t going to have sex with anyone else for the rest of their lives? If god cared or thought it bad he wouldn’t have wired people that way. At the same time he didn’t hook up the right plumbing to allow for reproduction. Even if god came down from the heavens and told me inexplicably that is was wrong, still who cares. I would go to the loony bin and it wouldn’t matter. If god made a grand entrance and told everyone one what he wanted then there would be no point to legislation anyways.

What will family think? Does it matter? Parents are usually happy that their children are happy. Gays usually meet with disapproval if the cliché stereotype is true. If gays are committed what dif does family approval really matter. The issue will be dealt with and either accepted or not. Either way the two are in it for the long haul and they have accepted their decision.

I hear that the family unit is challenged by gay marriages a lot. What this says to me is that straight married people don’t want to explain to others that they aren’t gay. It is a fair argument. But who cares. It is merely another opinion. Is heterosexual love stronger than homosexual love? Isn’t that what people are asking? Then there is thought that gay marriages destroy the sanctity of marriage. Doesn’t divorce destroy the sanctity of marriage. Perhaps that should be illegal too.

Why is government involved? Why do we spend tax dollars on debates about whether people can commit to each other. It only really matters to the people involved. You can’t legislate primary drives. We don’t legislate whether you can eat or drink. Why is love legislated? I am confused.

  • Governments and Gay Marriage
  • by Steve McGrath
  • Published on August 1st, 2003

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