Bookworm Deluxe

by David Gluzman

Gaming is a popular topic of conversation on R4NT these days. I’ve read many opinions on how “Enter The Matrix” is the best game going right now, and I think it just plain sucks; it’s boring and the quality is comparable to an underdeveloped duck embryo. Call me boring, but I remember back in the days of Tetris where you could come back to the game at any time and waste 5 minutes of 5 hours, it’s constantly challenging regardless of how good you get.

This brings me to my latest addiction: Bookworm Deluxe.

Make some W3rds

Prior to it’s release as a standalone game for the PC, I had forwarded the online version link to many of my friends. For the next week or so I didn’t hear the end of it, “You bastard!” These people were hooked on this game like five year olds getting a new batch of transformers.

The game is quite simple, yet incredibly entertaining. Construct words out of tiles placed on a 7×7 randomized grid, get points for the words you tie together and bonus points for using special tiles. What makes this game challenging is that if you spell like a 3 year old (like I do somedays), you will receive a lot of burning tiles, which burn to the floor of the bookshelf and thus gameover. Spelling longer words will award you, Green, Gold, Sapphire or Diamond Tiles which will increase your score when used in a new word.

NOAFOOIWIQUE does not compute

You can choose from two types of game play: Classic or Action. Classic being the original game type where you can simply go at your own pace (my favorite), and Action picking up the piquant adding a ticking time bomb of burning tiles if you can’t spell. Every time you finish a game (this may take 5 minutes of 50 hours), your scores will be saved in the hall of fame (which you can upload to an online competition on Popcap), or just on your own computer. Bookworm will also remember your best spelt words (highest grossing score) and/or longest word(s) spelled.

Bashing to save my ass

This game is addictively fun for any age demographic and is educational to boot. Go checkout the online version at and then come back and curse me for introducing you to your new crack habit.

*My best scores so far:
380,980 Points (Classic Game)
Best Word: Metred (3300)
Longest Word: Salutation (10)

  • Bookworm Deluxe
  • by David Gluzman
  • Published on July 1st, 2003
Bookworm Deluxe
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